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Get Unstuck

Where are things not flowing in your life? Our guided sessions help you get unstuck and into flow.
What's not working right now?

Stuckness can feel like

Avoiding Actions
There's something you know you want to do but you just... don't.
Trouble Making a Decision
Some large or small decision keeps popping up and you just can't quite make sense of it.
Recurring Anxious Thoughts
Frequent intrusive thoughts around a certain subject keep poking your brain.
Habits You Can’t Break
No matter what you try, you keep doing that thing.
Overreacting in Relationships
You keep getting defensive or shut down. You don't want to keep reacting like this.
Emotional Blocks
You feel unsettled, numb, or hopeless around a certain situation.
Solving Stuckness

What can we do about it?

Our life is colored by our emotions and sensations. Avoiding these emotions will cause Stuckness in our life. We avoid actions and situations because we’re avoiding the emotions that might come with them.
With Thyself, you can get unstuck by learning the skills necessary to notice, loosen, and clear emotional blocks. You get personalized guidance in learning how to effectively apply those skills within your unique mind and body.

Imagine a guided meditation that you can talk to

You will be having a conversation out loud with a bot. The bot will ask questions about your state of mind and guide you through the steps of a process to reach more clarity and self-compassion.
Like a normal guided meditation, you can drop deep into your internal landscape because you’re on your own in your room. There is nobody else to track, wonder if they’re judging you or if they’re bored.
Be as vague or specific as you like
No experienced necessary
Required: Be human

Imagine a guided meditation that you can talk to.

Our trained facilitators will teach you a method called Emotional Surfing. Get unstuck by learning to notice, loosen, and clear the emotional blocks in your life. You will learn new ways of relating to your emotions and get guidance in applying those lessons to the emotional situation happening in your daily life.It’s easy. We will guide you through it.

Is this Therapy?

No, it's not. We are not going to ask you about your childhood trauma or your relationship with your parents.
You can be as vague or as detailed as you want and still get all the benefits.
Key Components :
Build a relationship with a human
Talk about how your past affects you
Receive empathy from a person
Safe container for working with deeper trauma
Key components :
No other person to track when going inward
Address stuckness in your present life
Talk with a bot
Be in your private space alone

How does it work?

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Have your Session
Find a quiet, comfortable environment where you can sit upright and speak out loud. Be ready to bring some Stuckness from your life to work with.
Apply it to Daily Life
Apply the tools you've just learned in other stuck areas in your daily life. Have another Ongoing Session to continue getting unstuck.
Continue the Journey
Want to make these tools a habit and live your life in flow? We would love to go on that journey with you. Sign up for Ongoing Sessions and continuous support.
What are the benefits of Thyself?
Feel more in flow
Life just feels like it's going... smoother.
Deeper connections
Shed the reactivity and show up more authentically in relationships.
Feel more at ease in your body
Experience less tension in your body and feel more at peace.
Go for it
Start taking risks and creating the life you really want.
Achieve clarity
Know what you want, and what is the right next step.
Peace of mind
It's soooooo nice when it's quiet in there.

Our users love it

"I was able to access such vulnerable emotions and have some catharsis and some quite unique inner explorations. Quite deep."
"A single 60min session of Thyself made me realize how I lack the awareness of my inner emotional conflicts that led to poor decision-making, feeling anxious or stressed out, procrastination, and many others. Most importantly, it provided clear guidance towards resolving these issues.
"It helps me experience my emotions fully in the moment, but also gives me freedom to be silent without feeling like I’m wasting someone’s time, like I might in therapy."

Membership plan

One session will teach you new tools and help you get unstuck in one situation in your life. Ongoing sessions create profound lasting change. Join us to commit to a life of flow.
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Frequently asked questions

What will happen with my data?
Audio of your conversation is shared anonymously with third party service providers to offer our service — for example, voice transcription.
Transcripts of your conversation may be reviewed by our team to improve product quality.
We will NEVER sell your data or use it for ad targeting purposes.
How can we contact you?
You can contact us at
Why is it a bot? Why not just a human?
Automating this process using artificial intelligence allows us to offer these tools to a much wider audience, and provide many more modalities.
Also, this allows you to let go of needing to "track" another person and just focus on yourself.
Is this for me?
Do you feel stuck anywhere in your life? If no, congratulations! You can exit this page.
If you are like the rest of us, Thyself can help you relate to those problems better by unblocking the emotions around them. Stuckness shows up everywhere in our lives and keeps us from living the life we want. If you want to live the life you want, then Thyself is for you.

*Thyself requires you to be able to go inside and feel what happens in your body in reaction to certain stimulus. If this is too overwhelming for you to do on your own, you may need to work with a therapist or other professional before Thyself will be safe and effective for you.
Thyself is not therapy, nor a replacement for therapy. We do not diagnose or treat any particular condition.

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